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Our Mission

BioNeat NTSTM is manufactured by BIO-
NEAT INC. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life and health by making high performance, non toxic cleaning solutions that are safe and effective alternatives to the growing number of harmful chemical compounds on the market today.

What makes BioNeat™ the Greenest product on the planet?

Cleaning and disinfecting liquid manufacturers are responsible for providing the cleaning needs in a variety of industries. Many cleaning products are widely used in several sectors such as food processing, the medical and dental industry, and pharmaceutical, to name a few. The disinfecting properties of this cleaning liquid depend on its composition.

A high level of chlorine is required to clean solutions of this liquid because this chemical removes the microorganisms that can cause serious health hazards. Chlorine is one of the world’s most common contaminants. So this makes chlorine a crucial ingredient in Organic cleaning and disinfecting products.

The detergents that the cleaning and disinfecting liquid Manufacturer uses are also quite different from the household brands. The detergents usually contain chlorine bleach. While household detergents are mildew resistant, the detergents manufactured by a reliable liquid brand are bleach and chlorine bleach detergents. The detergents have excellent cleansing and disinfecting properties. Some brands have added moisturizers to provide extra protection to the surface of the fabric.

Our non toxic cleaning products are mostly used in residential as well as commercial buildings. These products do not contain any harmful chemicals or elements, and they can be easily used in our homes. The most commonly found ingredients for these products are baking soda, vinegar, and peroxide. Baking soda is mainly used to make these products as it can dissolve the grease and dirt easily without causing any harm to the human body.

The main reason for using non toxic cleaning products is to reduce the unpleasant smells caused by various household things like cooking, dishes, garbage, smoke, animals, etc. The typical kitchen smell will not cause inconvenience as the heavy cooking odors can create a big problem in your house.

This is the primary reason why people prefer to use Organic cleaning and disinfecting products rather than using chemical-based ones. Apart from this, vinegar and baking soda are the two most used ingredients to eliminate these unpleasant smells. They have excellent properties to make such natural cleaning products smell fresh, and they will not leave any of those nasty after-effects that can be caused by some chemical-based cleaners.


See what our clients have to say

The sun is very bright on these pictures, but I wanted to share the results right away! Below is a dirty boat fender that has been deflated before being stored away. I wanted to wash it first so decided to try the Bio Neat and wow, look at the amazing results with no scrubbing at all- I just spray it on and wiped it off!!

Captain Andy Sherman Testimonials


This is a hose on a yacht of which is extremely difficult to keep clean- after spraying with BioNeat and then wiping after a few seconds the grime and grit disappear leaving a clean finish that makes hose and shore power cords look brand new!! Thanks Bioneat!!
Captain Andy Sherman Testimonials

Captain Andy Sherman Testimonials

Accelerate the decomposition process of organic compounds (biodegradability).

Have hundreds of applications across multiple and diverseindustries.

Penetrate and rupture cell walls of bacteria, viruses and mold spores (e.g. E. coli and Salmonella bacteria.

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