BioNeat NTS™ contains NO: Chlorine; Ammonia; VOCs; SVOCs; POMs; Biocides; Pyrethroids; NPEs; PCBs; PAHs; Organophosphates; Phthalates. It is as safe as drinkable water.

  •  All BioNeat NTS™ ingredients meet criteria for the US EPA Design for the Environment Program (DfE)/Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI).
  • None of the ingredients appears on the California Proposition 65 or Canadian CEPA-DSL lists.
  • Absolutely nontoxic and harmless to humans and animals, 10 times safer to aquatic life than conventional detergents.
  • Allergic and chemically sensitive people can use it with complete confidence and safety.
  • No warning label of any kind is required on BioNeat NTS™ by any Federal, State or Municipal Agency

We are working on the lab test on the Corona Patients