Carbon | Nitrogen | Trace Minerals | Sugars | All Natural Delivery System 3

About C4

C4 is a powerful foliar fertility concentrate that contains Organic acids, 70 colloidal minerals and high levels of Complex Carbohydrates. C4 is a highly concentrated micro-nutrient package that supplies the plant with trace minerals, carbon, high end sugars, vitamins, slow-release nitrogen and is delivered into the plant by a powerful organic surfactant.

  • Turns up the plants immune system and puts the plant into high gear to accelerate growth
  • Enhances overall plant health and resistance to pests and disease.
  • Plants with high levels of carbohydrates and trace minerals are more immune to stressful situations such as drought, frost, and herbicide shock.
  • C4 is an excellent chemical carrier that causes plants to quickly absorb herbicides and pesticides.
  • Another benefit of C4 is that it helps reduce herbicide shock to a growing crop.
  • It has proven itself to be a game changer when it comes to how we traditionally view plant fertility.
  • All Natural and non toxic
  • Typical ground Application: 16 oz per acre mixed with 5 Gal H2O (no more than 7 gal H2O)
  • Increase product a minimum of 1 oz for every gallon of H2O over 7 gallons.
  • Aerial Application: 12 oz/acre mixed with 2-3 gals H2O.
  • The high price of input costs and chemicals can be offset with C4 by reducing chemical quantity and combining with existing spraying routines.

Revolutionary Delivery System

A significant reason why C4 works so well is its delivery system. Combined with a super surfactant, C4 penetrates through the waxy layer of the plant leaf in a highly efficient way ensuring all the nutrients are received internally by the plant. The Colloidial Micellar molecules penetrate and deliver the nutrient package through the cuticle layer of the leaves and into the vascular system upon contact. Moving through the plant structure to the roots, uptake is enhanced and energy and growth are stimulated naturally by abundant access to the nutrients needed.


All-In-One Performance

F14 is a revolutionary all natural fertility product that combines the very best portions of nutrition to the plant for phenomenal results. Our product has knocked back all other fertility products to a distant 2nd place.
There is simply no other product on the market that can compete with F14!

  • 14% Slow Release Nitrogen
  • 70 Trace Minerals From the sea
  • High quality North Atlantic Sea Weed extracts
  • Long and short chain Carbon to modulate energy release
  • Humic Acid
  • Vitamins
  • High-end Sugars
  • Organic Surfactant
  • PLUS F14 Contains a Full Ration of our best selling product C4!

Make your crops stress resistant

C4 delivers the stress resistant qualities of North Atlantic Sea vegetation. Onion farmers have claimed their onions have antifreeze against the cold snaps. Midwest dryland corn growers say it drought-proofs their crop. A wheat farmer in a drought is pulling 90 bushel wheat while his neighbors are looking at 15 bushel.

With a full compliment of nutrients, minerals and energy, plants can perform their best. Without heavy chemical load, their natural ability to ward off disease and pests is allowed to function fully. Farmers often don’t have to use pesticides or fungicides. They use less herbicides. C4 delivered by our super surfactant just does it all better.


We had aphids show up heavy. The sprayer forgot to put in the pesticide. They just applied C4 and HA12. We were ready to re-spray but the aphids were all gone.

– Farmer Minnesota

We put C4 on twice… With no more water than what we have had to work with, it is absolutely amazing. Only a very healthy plant stays green without rain. That’s what C4 does for you.

– Farmer Minnesota

We had drought in June and July but we expect over 270 bushels from Dry Land Corn and we saved about $60/ acre in fertilizer costs using C4 and HA12

– Farmer Minnesota



Bioneat Ag makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied with respect to C4. Manufacturer’s and seller’s obligation limited to replacement of product for defective material only. Neither seller or manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising from the misuse or inability to use the product.

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