Powerful But Gentle

Industrial, Manufacturing and Mechanical facilities often utilize chemicals that pose both long- and short-term health risks to their employees.

Use of toxic cleaners in schools, hospitals and other similar institutional settings pose an inherent risk to the very people they are intended to assist. Research shows that low-level exposure of chlorine bleach produces measurable unhealthy effects and that long-term, low-level exposures can cause cumulative physical damage. Exposure doesn’t have to be substantial to create adverse health effects. Choosing the least toxic product to begin with is the first step toward prevention of possible short-term harm and almost certain long-term risk. Exposure to toxics chemicals can result in health problems, such as asthma, liver or kidney damage and even cancer.


Doctors, nurses and healthcare technicians are exposed to a wide variety of toxic chemicals and radiation in the course of their jobs. The degree of this exposure correlates closely with their risk of cancer, asthma, miscarriages and birth defects.

Bioneat Industrial products will ensure that your employees, students, staff, patients and guests experience a clean, non-toxic environment without giving up any of the effectiveness of commonly-used conventional cleaners. Switch to Bioneat Products Industrial today.

Industrial Use Natural Cleaners are great for:

  • Factories / Manufacturing
  • Automotive / Mechanical Facilities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Day Care
  • Institutional Settings

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