Complete micronutrient packages and organic surfactants that meet
the needs of all major commercial crops.

C4 Foliar Spray

C4 is a high quality food grade micronutrient based foliar feed / adjuvant. It will safely mix with all spray materials and typically allows for reduced chemical usage. It also helps reduce herbacider shock to growing plants.


F-14 Foliar Spray

CleanGreen F14 is a revolutionary fertility product that combines the very best portions of nutrition to the plant for phenomenal results. Our product has knocked back all other fertility products to a distant 2nd place. There is simply no other product on the market that can compete with F14!.

PGS Starter/Foliar Spray

P.G.S. is a symbiotic, balanced formula of micronutrients fully Chelated and carried in a solution of fermented sugars and organic acids. Primary function is root development and stimulation of early growth.


SUR-TEC Super Surfactant

All-in-one replacement product for everything you typically add to your tank mixes. Raises chemical efficiency by up to 100%. One gallon treats up to 1200 gallons of tank mix. Pour and go – save time and money!

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